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Critical Steps for Project Management

Define the project

project managementWhen you define the project, you can determine whether it will be a failure or success at the start. Usually, projects with unrealistic goals and do not have time frames are poorly conceived at the start. You need to consider these elements of the project during the next project you want to manage. A project can be regarded as a temporary endeavor with a defined start and end. It is undertaken to meet certain goals and objectives. You should note that a project is an activity carried out to meet a particular goal. However, activities which are carried out to support operations and on-going production in a company are not projects.

Consider your project as a temporary endeavor

A project should have a defined start and end. This means that it should be time bound with a start and end date. It should be given adequate time to carry out the work effort needed. However, it should not be too long to lose control, funding, and focus. Remember that the duration of your project will be determined by the size of project effort.

Assign project tasks

After defining the project goals and time frame, you should start breaking down tasks that should be carried out to accomplish the project. It is very rare to find a project that is made up of a single task. Therefore, you should analyze work effort needed for multiple steps along its lifespan. After assigning tasks to owners; the individuals need to be accountable for completing and performing that task. This is necessary to reduce duplication of efforts.

Track status

project managementThis is an important part of every project. It is advisable to meet on a weekly basis to discuss the progress that is made on the assigned tasks. Check the progress made on each task over the last week and the likelihood of the task is completed as planned. Remember that an individual can be working diligently and efficiently to complete his or her tasks, but factors beyond one’s control can hinder him or her from finishing the task.

Keep it simple

When you keep the above simple concepts and practicing them on a routine basis, you can become effective at managing different projects. Avoid being consumed by project management software tools, project methodology, or even project management certifications. The above concepts are built on universal project management fundamentals.…

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