Our Story

Astheygo Tech Hub is an independent site focusing on tech to give the non-techies tips on how to tap technology for their benefits and to make life easier. Our team of dedicated contributors gathers news and information on how tech revolutionizes every human’s area and shares it with our readers. 

One of our areas of interest is tech usage to improve education through virtual classes, sharing of content via various media like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. We also look at how tech has also enabled easy submission of assignments and exams, among many other developments. 

The site also looks at tips on using tech for the improved generation of livelihood, for example, better farming through the use of solar and wind-powered water pumps to irrigate large tracts of land and improved animal husbandry through artificial insemination. 

Readers also get tips on eco-friendly energy sources like biogas, solar power, and wind energy, which save forests, are clean, thus preserve the environment, and are affordable. 

You can count on us for the latest and reliable news, and tech information includes buyer’s guides for various gadgets and tips on making the most from technology. 

Welcome for the best Tech Tips.